Ten Reasons Why We Adore Israel Living

It’s been just about a decade since the ‘Tamarim’ have moved on up to Israel.   By now we know the rhythm of how Yom Ha’atzmaut–Israel Independence Day–works.   Israel living doesn’t get old.   First, Yom HaZikaron–Memorial Day, in which we remember and honor all those who have sacrificed so that we can live […]

Something Different in the Air

I used to love the holiday atmosphere in the Old Country. Everyone was in a good mood, people were busy buying gifts and planning menus, there was music playing in the background everywhere. It was festive and fun, and best of all, for me it meant a freebie vacation day or two. It was great. […]

Bridging the Gap

I still remember getting ready for my gap year in Israel after high school, even though it was so many years ago.  In those days we didn’t call it a Gap Year.  There was no name.  It was just called the Year in Israel.  I remember the planning, the buying, the packing which all culminated […]