Israel Concierge Services

Tamarim is your one stop shop for Israel Concierge assistance.  

If you are looking for help in Israel, your search is over.  Tamarim Concierge takes care of your details, so you can enjoy your time in Israel.  

See the list below of services we offer.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can customize the Tamarim service to best assist you.  Contact us.

Aliyah & Relocation

There are many details involved in making Aliyah and relocating to Israel. Allow Tamarim to remove some of the stress by assisting you before you arrive. We help our clients with finding a home, researching prices and best package deals for furniture and appliances. We purchase and arrange delivery, installation and assembly of furniture and appliances. Utility set up is often overwhelming. We move all utilities into your name, arrange for internet, phone and cable to be installed in time for your arrive.

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Gifts and Deliveries

Tamarim create unique gifts based on your specific direction and desired theme, accommodating all kashrut requirements, as well as any additional special dietary needs (gluten free, nut free, organic, and so on). Tamarim take your shopping lists and have all your items delivered to your door here in Israel.

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Property Management

Clients who rent their properties, long or short term, can be confident that their assets are well looked after. We assist with bill payment, oversee design & manage renovations, household maintenance & repairs, moving assistance, installation of utilities and cleaning services. Tamarim oversee the advertisement and correspondence with interested renters, vetting potential tenants, handing over key at start of contract and the return at closing.

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We create the right experience for our clients and their guests. Tamarim provides personalized assistance for every detail that may arise. Planning events from aboard can be daunting. We have the contacts and experience to make it happen.

Itinerary & Travel

Tamarim assists with all travel needs. We recommend tour guides, coordinate itinerary and make reservations for hotels, restaurants and cars. We organize your food delivery including pantry stocking and catered food. We find child care options, deliver pre-ordered baby care packages and baby equipment rental.

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Student Dorm Packs

Tamarim take your shopping lists and do your purchasing for you, often saving you the expense of paying for an additional piece of luggage. Student Packs are customized to our clients' needs. Click below to see a suggested list of items. The Packs are delivered to your dorm room and other destination throughout Israel.

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Baby Packs

Traveling with a baby and all necessary equipment can be cumbersome. Limited luggage allowance may inhibit your ability to bring your baby’s comforts from home. Tamarim rents baby equipment and purchases your baby essentials for you, so that it is all ready and waiting upon your arrival.

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