After the Holidays

Now that the dishes are put away, the Sukkah all packed up and back in storage and menus, recipes and shopping lists tucked away on Google Drive, we can safely say we’ve arrived at that period of time known here in Israel as “Acharei HaChagim”—after the holidays. Many things that were placed on the back burner have to be dealt with now. No more excuses!  Somehow we’ve gotten through all those meals and have arrived at this point in time; now it’s time to think about the days and months ahead.

At Tamarim Concierge, we’re always looking at the calendar and finding new ways to help our clients throughout the year. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve received quite a few inquiries from customers who have sent their children to Israel for their Gap Year. Our clients want to know about birthday gift baskets. (Of course! We do that.) Sometimes we feel like parents call us just to have someone to talk to about how much they miss their child. (We do that, too.) We at Tamarim Concierge understand what it’s like to have your child be far away; our kids go to the army–we totally get wanting to spoil them while they’re away. Our birthday gifts can be custom ordered and filled with all your child’s favorite goodies, or a special gift that we are happy to shop for. We can provide baskets that are gluten- or nut-free or baskets that are filled with a variety of nuts and dried fruit; baskets that satisfy a sweet tooth or baskets that only include health foods.Healthy Snacks

Tamarim Concierge has developed connections all over Israel with a variety of vendors who provide us with specialty wines, chocolates, olive oils, teas and more. In short, we can design any kind of gift basket to suit your needs. Or you can choose one of our standard gift baskets, such as our Ben and Jerry’s gift, sure to put a smile on anyone who’s been missing home.

Ben & Jerry's Gift

And you certainly don’t have to wait for a birthday to order a gift. At Tamarim Concierge we are adept at putting together any gift or basket you like—even a ‘just because’ or ‘thinking of you’ present. We understand that you don’t need an excuse to make your child’s day.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

If you’re thinking about sending something special to your child or loved one, you can check out our baskets at our on line store or get an idea of custom made gifts we have made for our clients. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or want to order something special simply contact us. We’d love to help with creative ideas for your personalized gift basket.

And now we better get back to work.  After all, Chanuka is right around the corner.


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