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To Olim of Summer 2016: Bruchim Habaim and Klita Neima!

Summer is here and, as the thermometer tops out daily in the high 30s (for those who don’t understand Celsius temperatures, that’s 85+ Fahrenheit), we know that the summer Oleh Season is upon us. We wish all Olim Chadashim and Toshavim Chozrim, a Klita Neima (an easy absorption).

Our planning for this summer began many months ago, when we met so many of our new clients as they prepared for Aliyah at the NBN Mega Aliyah Event in NYC this past March.  Since then, we’ve been in regular contact with many future Israelis who are all making the move of a lifetime this year.

Every Aliyah is different and we strive to help each individual oleh overcome some of the unique challenges they may face.  This year, for example, we helped an attorney who is making Aliyah, register for the Israeli Bar exam, even though he is not yet even in the country.  The clerks at the Israeli Bar Association were somewhat surprised our client was able to accomplish his goal without even being here, remarking to us how lucky our client was to have a service such as Tamarim working for him.  We are happy to report he is scheduled to sit for the first in a series of tests starting this August.

Another former client of ours, whom we helped with a Tel Aviv rental, decided he was ready to make the move and purchase his own piece of the “Israeli Dream.”  After giving it a go on his own to purchase his own place, he turned to Tamarim, once again, to help smooth the way for his transaction, anticipating and circumventing challenges before they even happened.

The rental market in central Israel is, to put it lightly, tight.  Finding something you like, in the neighborhood you want, at the price point you want can be downright impossible if you already live here.  What’s a family to do if they haven’t yet moved across the ocean?  Turn to Tamarim, of course!  We helped clients find the apartment they wanted, where they wanted and at a price that fit their budget.  We acted as their representatives, establishing seamless communication between the landlord and tenant, at a speed and efficiency that would just be otherwise impossible.

No matter what your specific situation, Tamarim can help you plan and implement a smooth transition to your new country, culture and language.  It’s never too early (or too late!) to call, so feel free to ask us how we can specifically help you.

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