Something Different in the Air

I used to love the holiday atmosphere in the Old Country. Everyone was in a good mood, people were busy buying gifts and planning menus, there was music playing in the background everywhere. It was festive and fun, and best of all, for me it meant a freebie vacation day or two. It was great.

Only problem was, those weren’t my holidays. The whole country was celebrating, and while I enjoyed watching and being invited to holiday parties at work, they really weren’t something I could call my own.


That’s one thing about living in Israel—over here our annual calendar revolves around our own Chagim. And it’s huge. Weeks before Rosh Hashanna, display racks in the supermarkets are offering sales on honey and Silan (date honey—very popular here). Exotic fruits begin to appear in the produce aisles. The radio begins its annual Top Hundred Countdown and closer to the holidays plays specific songs related to the time of year. Teenagers begin advertising their Sukkah building or Arba Minim businesses. Contractors and handyman are busy as people are renovating their homes or getting around to those repairs they’ve been pushing off, since, well, last year. This is the time of year to buy new dishes or pots and pans, as they are on sale. Advertisements begin filling the local and national papers for the various festivals, concerts, fairs and museum exhibits as we all start planning how we’re going to spend our Chol HaMoed days. In Israel all our senses are inundated with our traditions and remind us who we are.

For the new Oleh, the first round of chagim can be at once exhilarating and overwhelming. There can be so many questions:  What Beit Knesset should we go to for holiday and how does it work with seating? Where can I buy a Sukkah to suit my needs at an affordable price? What about a lulav and Etrog? How do I plan an itinerary for Chol HaMoed for visiting relatives and where can I rent a crib and car seat for their baby? Tamarim Concierge can help with all of that and more. At Tamarim Concierge we understand both how wonderful and how scary the holidays can be for new Olim because we’ve been there.  And we’re here for you, should you need us. Tamarim Concierge can help you arrange, organize, coordinate, plan, or negotiate just about anything you need related to the holidays—big or small. Because, Of Course.  We Do That.

If you are a new Oleh, take a deep breath and absorb all the sights and sounds and smells and flavors of your own holiday season that surround you. Enjoy this time of year as you begin to feel at home in your new home. And relax, knowing that Tamarim Concierge is here for you now and throughout the year should the need arise.

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