How to Travel to Israel with Children and Stay Sane.

Planning a trip to Israel?

One of the most daunting things parents must deal with when visiting Israel is the long flight with their small (and not-so-small) children. The thought of packing for them, getting them to the airport, through security, settling them in on the flight and then getting through the long hours of the flight itself is enough to make any parent truly dread the whole process.

But the idea of sharing our love for our homeland with our children makes it all worthwhile.

At Tamarim Concierge, we have learned much from our own travels with our kids, as well as some tips gleaned from loyal clients that can help you get through those difficult hours with as little stress as possible. The key, of course, is planning:

  • Where age appropriate, have your child pack a small backpack (more efficient than those small pull wheelie bags) with a favorite toy, activities such as stickers, puzzle books, crayons and a goodie.
  • Pack your bag with low-sugar snacks such as cheerios, crackers, fruit, vegetable sticks etc.
  • Your carry-on should also include back up activities (travel games, kid’s magazines) and of course, surprises! (Check out your local dollar store for inexpensive doo-dads).
  • Keep all of this in a bag that is easily accessible and can be stored under your seat, rather than in the overhead bins.
  • Velcro shoes. Need I say more?
  • Finally, you can relax on the plane knowing that Tamarim Concierge can be waiting on the Israel side to help you make the trip all you want it to be.














Want to rent an infant, toddler or booster car seat to ensure your children’s safety? We can have your car seat delivered to your car rental company or to your hotel/apartment before you arrive.  Perhaps you need a highchair, booster seat, stroller, baby bath or pack ‘n’ play/travel cot?  At Tamarim Concierge, you can rent these items as well as other baby equipment for the duration of your stay.



Renting an apartment while you are here? We are happy to stock the apartment with your groceries, prepared food and baby or child essentials (diapers, wipes, bath wash…) so that everything is ready for you as soon as you arrive. With Tamarim Concierge, you won’t have to go out hunting for any of these items right after that overseas trip.



Looking for child-friendly activities while you’re here? Talk to us about our itinerary planning service, where we can custom plan part or your entire trip.  We arrange tour guides, transportation, hotel reservations, laundry service and more.  Want a special memoir of your trip? Have us coordinate a family photo shoot that will leave you with a keepsake you will enjoy for years to come.  At Tamarim Concierge, we always stay up-to-date on Israel’s restaurant scene, and we are happy to book or recommend a trendy place; or plan a small dinner event for a family gathering. Tamarim Concierge have become expert at preparing custom host gifts, designed creatively to our client’s specifications. We are available throughout your trip to guarantee everything goes smoothly.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help make your time in Israel one of your family’s most memorable and exciting trips ever.

Because, Of course! We do that.

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