Why are Tamarim Mishloach Manot Gifts Different From All Other Gifts?

That may seem like a question for another holiday (coming up, just around the corner!).  But really, why choose a Tamarim gift to send to your friends and family in Israel?

Tamar and I have been offering Mishloach Manot deliveries for the past three years.  Each gift is made by us with the same care and attention to detail that you would put into your own packaging.  We ensure delivery is made by coordinating times and locations with each recipient. Every year, we are grateful for the positive response and growth in returning clients.


This year, we decided to work with local, family owned businesses in Israel to offer the best quality products at the best prices.  Because they are not readily available in most stores, recipients are always thrilled to enjoy the unique flavors and smells.  This year’s baskets include the following:



With an assortment of these products, plus our signature dried fruits and nuts, you will be sure to wow anyone.

Of course, we offer Student Gifts filled with a variety of sweets and salty treats that are both familiar from home and fun Israeli products.

Student-large1 (1)

Whatever it is you need, we can make it for you.  Gluten, nut, dairy free options are always available.

Orders must be made by March 13 for delivery by Purim.  Click to shop.

Of course! We do that.

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