Israel Concierge Services by Tamarim

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We are your israel concierge

Based in Israel we provide assistance to those looking to send a gift to Israel, traveling to Israel, moving to Israel, or requiring almost anything at all done in Israel. 
Realizing a unique business opportunity, Tamarim Concierge was founded in 2009 with the singular goal of meeting the exacting needs of overseas English-speakers requiring assistance in Israel from overseas, when visiting or when becoming residents.

Tamar Pearlman - Owner

Since making Aliyah with her family from London in the summer of 2007, there is very little Tamar Pearlman has not dealt with in terms of Israeli bureaucracy, culture and daily life challenges. She has earned the respect and admiration of her peers and clients due to her amazing ability to “get it done” Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Tamar is a qualified Speech and Language therapist with over twenty years’ experience specializing in bilingual children. She loves a challenge as an accomplished triathlete and half marathon runner she is constantly setting herself new goals.

Tamar leverages her professional communication and customer/patient care skills and her drive to succeed along with over ten years’ experience as a new immigrant to deliver clients a level of service that is hard to find in Israel.


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  • Happy 16th birthday from 🇺🇸to🇮🇱, miss you!

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  • So many of you coming on Aliya will need to quarantine for 14 days ON TOP of setting up your life here.

No doubt an extra pair of hands on the ground in Israel will be a game changer for you. 

Whether you need help with utilities, internet set up, furniture and appliance purchases, delivery and installation, or home/pantry/refrigerator stocking, please let us know and we'll take care of it for you prior to your arrival! We're able to order catered meals as well if needed!

Please share with any friends or family who could use assistance juggling everything coming their way. We'd be delighted to help!
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  • Fruit plates & candy share plates & pastries & wines, All of the best!!
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