2015 – What have we been up to?

I love opening my email and Facebook messages first thing in the morning, as I never know what kinds of requests await. With only a few days left in 2015, here are some of the wide-ranging Israel assignments we’ve completed.

Tamarim Services in Israel

Planning a Bar Mitzvah for summer 2017, booking babysitters for a family vacation in Eilat, overseeing a property purchase, arranging hair appointments, arranging vacation itineraries and buying a car. Yes…a car!

new car


Of Course! We Do That.

As with all our requests, when asked, the response is always, “Of course! We do that” (our new, official motto). Can you deliver a gift parcel to my friend in hospital? “Of course” the food must be diabetic friendly, “of course” the food must be Badatz, “of course” and can you deliver it to her room tomorrow morning? Done!

I would like to hire two pack n’ plays, a baby bouncer seat, a stroller and a high chair. “Of course! We do that, and it will be waiting in your rental apartment when you arrive.” Please can you make up the cots and bring sheets as we arrive very late? “Of course! We do that.”

We are proud to say that 2015 has brought many requests, some strange, some complicated, some logistically challenging, but none that we have been unable to fulfill, so go on…try us!

Fine Wine & Chocolates (1)happy birthday Tammy



Rosh Hashana gift basket