Israel Rentals. What Every Oleh Needs to Know.


When renting a home in Israel, it’s important to keep a few things in mind that are likely quite different than what you’re used to.  Firstly, rentals generally do not include appliances.  That’s right.  In most cases, tenants are expected to bring their own refrigerators, stove tops, ovens, washing machines and dryers.  That’s a lot to have to think about under the best of circumstances, but add to that the strain of an overseas move and, well, it’s more than most have bargained for.

So, what are your Israel appliance options?

You could look for a furnished rental.  But be forewarned: they are hard to come by.

You could buy your appliances in your country of origin and ship them in your Aliyah container.  Even if timed correctly, you could find yourself without appliances for a week, since your container will need to be released from Customs before it can be delivered to your home and unloaded.  (This is a sure-fire way to force you to make friends with your new neighbors, in the hopes that they can keep some staples in their refrigerator for you.)  As an aside, be very careful when purchasing appliances overseas.  Space and technical standards are quite different here, so your beautiful (and large) American washer may not have a hot water source set up in your laundry room.

You could buy all your appliances in Israel when you arrive.  Make sure to bring with you knowledge of the local brands, pricing, sizing, and so on.  And don’t even think of paying list price; just be prepared to spend hours running to several appliance retail stores to play the game of “beat the lowest price” only to walk away from that experience never really sure if you are the newest Israeli “Frier.”

Here’s What you Should do, Allow Tamarim to:

  • Help you with your appliance purchases weeks before you even leave to the airport.
  • Survey the apartment for you and measure the spaces.
  • Speak with our appliance consultants to find you the best solutions to meet your space and requirements.
  • Schedule delivery and be there at the appointed hour to ensure you receive what you ordered.
  • Set up installation.  (Nope; the delivery guys are not authorized to install).
Newly installed refrigerator.
Newly installed refrigerator.

We will be there every step of the way, so all your appliances are purchased, delivered and installed before you land in Israel.

Stove top, dishwasher, oven, washing machine and dryer
Stove top, dishwasher, oven, washing machine and dryer