Israel Travel: Tamarim Concierge Has Your Back

Recently, Tamarim Concierge was speaking to a return client who contacted us to help her with her Israel travel and itinerary planning. Sarah has children who have made Aliyah and in recent years has frequently made the transatlantic trek. In the last two years or so, she has contacted Tamarim Concierge to help her plan her trips to Israel.


Israel Travel: Tamarim Concierge Has Your Back


While Sarah wants to spend lots of time with her children and grandchildren, she also considers Israel to be a vacation destination and wants to manage her time here wisely.


She knows that Tamarim Concierge can assist her with her Israel travel plans.

Over the past two years, Tamarim Concierge has booked restaurants for Sarah. We’ve made reservations for her at one of Israel’s premier spas. We helped her plan a special day for her oldest granddaughter. We’ve even rented a car for her.

Sarah has told us that some of her friends have asked her why she hires Tamarim Concierge when she is perfectly capable of doing these things herself.

“The thing is”, Sarah said, “I am a capable person. But I know that it takes me a long time to navigate Israeli websites. And let’s not even talk about using my Hebrew on the telephone”.

“You see”, she continued “I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes you save money when you spend a little more of it; and that when a service like Tamarim Concierge has your back, you have peace-of-mind knowing that they are available around the clock should there be any kind of glitch”.


Tamarim Concierge, taking care of the details so you don't have to











Sarah may have been referring to the time she and her party showed up at a Jerusalem restaurant and were told there was no reservation in their name and they would have to wait about an hour for a table.

Sarah contacted Tamarim Concierge, who immediately was in touch with the restaurant.

Not only was Sarah shown a table immediately, but she and her party enjoyed a complimentary dessert to make up for the unpleasantness.

Tamarim Concierge’s clients know we are there for them.

We are personally on-call to answer questions or deal with any issues that arise while you are enjoying your stay in Israel.

Over the years Tamarim Concierge has developed contacts with many vendors in the travel industry. We can rent you a car, book a hotel, arrange a tour guide, and make reservations at restaurants, spas, or shows.

We can set you up with a car seat or any kids’/baby items necessary for your Israel travel with children.

Tamarim Concierge can plan an entire itinerary from beginning to end of your Israel vacation, whether it’s for a family with young children, a romantic holiday, a pilot trip for Aliyah or anything in between.

Or we can take care of just a few items, like we do for Sarah.

You decide. After all, it’s your Israel vacation.

Because, Of Course! We Do That!

Find out more about our Israel Travel and Itinerary Planning Services and be in touch to let us know what we can do for you!

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