New Israel Entry “ESTA” Rules for Non-Israelis

Starting August 1, 2024, Israel will implement new entry rules requiring non-Israeli visitors to
obtain a permit called an ETA-IL or a visa. This change, announced by the Israeli Population
and Immigration Authority, aims to streamline the entry process and enhance security.
For visitors from most countries, the ETA-IL is not a complicated visa application process. It
involves a quick and straightforward step to receive the permit. Here’s what you need to know to obtain your ETA-IL:

  1. Personal Details: Provide your full name, date of birth, and nationality.
  2. Email Address: Ensure you use a valid email address for correspondence.
  3. Travel Information: Include your intended travel dates and purpose of visit.
  4. Passport Details: You’ll need your passport number and expiration date.
  5. Upload a Photo: A recent passport-sized photo is required.
    You can apply for the permit using this link: Israel Entry Permit Application.
    The ETA-IL permit is valid for two years, making it a convenient option for frequent travelers.
    Here’s the timeline for applications:
    ● USA and Germany: Applications open in June 2024 for visits from August onward at no
    ● Other Countries: Applications open in July 2024 at no cost.
    Starting August 1, the permit will cost 25 shekels. Israeli citizens or holders of an Israeli identity number do not need to apply for the permit.
    Be prepared and apply early to ensure a smooth entry into Israel under these new rules.
    Safe travels!


  1. Why is Israel doing this?
    Many passengers arrive in Israel daily and have to be sent back to where they came from – for criminal reasons, for breaking laws in Israel previously, due to suspicion that they are not coming for the reasons they say they are coming, etc. This will prevent those people from boarding the plane to begin with and will avoid the challenge of someone already landing here and having to send them back.
  2. How long will it take to the receive a permit?
    The authorities are saying that answers will be given within 72 hours of the application. We will send out an update if this changes.
  3. Do I have to apply for this if I already have a visa for staying in Israel long term?
    If you have a valid visa in hand for a long term stay in Israel then you do not have to apply for an ETA-IL permit.
  4. Does this apply to students who are coming to a Israel for a semester or a year of study on a student visa?
    If they already have the student visa prior to flying to Israel then they do not have to apply for an ETA-IL permit.
  5. If I have relatives living in Israel do I have to apply for an ETA-IL?
    Yes, you do.