Gifts Delivered in Israel: Send A Basket or Create a Personalized Gift

At Tamarim, we  love sending and receiving gifts in Israel.

Custom kosher gif basket featuring Israeli wine and snacks

We know that this becomes logistically harder to do when sending around the world ! As you may have read in my previous blog, I love opening up my email and Facebook messages in the morning to see what requests have come in overnight. 

A Mum in Australia needed gifts delivered in Israel. This thoughtful mum wanted to send a birthday cake and balloons to her daughter in Jerusalem, she got the cake she wanted and the handwritten card she hoped we could provide (we did!)

Why Send a Gift in Israel with Tamarim?:

Tamarim is experienced in sending all kinds of gifts all over Israel. We deliver special gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, Chanuka, corporate gifts, welcome to Israel gifts, host gifts delivered to hotel rooms, Shabbat and Chag gifts, healthy eating gifts, and of course mishloach manot (more details to follow for Purim 2016).

custom anniversary gift for delivery in Israel

One of our bigger orders was for 50 Shabbat Chatan host gift. We create personalised gifts delivered in Israel to suit our client’s needs and budget. Whether that involves cake, balloons, pampering creams, nuts, dried fruits, remote control helicopters, fruit platters, flowers, a bicycle, homemade cookies, chocolate, Lego, warm fleece blankets, ice cream…anything is possible.

Clients from the US, UK, Australia, Canda, India, France, and all around the world trust Tamarim Israel Concierge for their gift-giving needs in Israel.

custom gift for israel delivery

gift from scotland for delivery in israel - actual basket with snacks

Tamarim Concierge – Your Hands in Israel,

We send a gift in Israel no matter where you are from. .

You can now shop at the Israel Gift Store.