Chanuka Gift Basket – Celebration Essentials


Send the perfect Chanukah gift in Israel with Tamarim. Featuring two cool Hebrew/English mugs, cappuccino mix, tea, soup, dreidels, gelt (chocolate coins,) a menorah (Chanukia,), and candles it’s just what you need to celebrate. Send Chanukah “Celebration Essentials” with Tamarim.



Send a Chanukah gift in Israel with Tamarim. Always 100% kosher and quality guaranteed, you can trust us to be your hands in Israel. This exciting Chanuka gift includes a menorah (hanukia,) candles, sevivon (dreidel,) candy, chocolate money, 2 mugs, a selection of soups, tea, and cappuccino. Our Chanuka “Celebration Essentials” basket is available for delivery all over Israel.