Hair Dryer for Israel


Our 220v hairdryer is a student favorite in Israel. Stay warm, dry, and have your hair looking fantastic with our 220v hairdryer, handpicked by our concierge team for price and peformance. Order this hairdryer anywhere in Israel with Tamarim’s 100% guarantee.



Did you know that a hair dryer in Israel is a must? If you have long hair, we recommend buying a hairdryer. Tamarim’s standard hairdryer was chosen for price, function, and style for those who need a hairdryer delivered in Israel. This no-fuss design gives you all the settings you’ll need to get through crisp autumn Israel evenings, turning into crispy cold Israel nights. The lightweight modern hair dryer is lightweight to avoid hand stress while drying and offers the most popular settings.

If you’ve never been in Israel year-round, you might not realize that a hairdryer is a must, especially for students who might need to rush off to class or dinner with wet hair. While the weather is hot in Israel, the rainy and chilly winters require a hair dryer for most of those with long hair. Allowing hair to “air dry” is not always possible even though Israel is in the Middle East. Keep warm by keeping hair dry.

220v made for Israeli outlets. This hairdryer is available for delivery anywhere in Israel.