Pesach Gift – Kitniot free


Order a Pesach Gift – kitniot free in Israel from anywhere in the world. Send your friend, family, and loved ones in Israel a complete seder gift with Tamarim. When your loved one is in Israel and wants to enjoy a seder and needs an afikomen bag and pillowcase we are here for you. Tamarim Concierge will handpick items that meet your requirements and send it to a recipient of your choice throughout Israel.



Pesach Gift – kitniot free are available for delivery to most of Israel, including yeshivas, seminaries, and army bases. Our Pesach Gift – kitniot free gift basket includes Israeli and internationally-known brands of Ceremonie Tea, Olive oil, DeKarina Mania chocolates, Matza basket, Urchatz towel, Matza cover and Afikoman bag (Embroidered items by Emanuel Judaica). Contact us about custom kitniot free Pesach gifts.