Send Mishloach Manot in Israel – Why Choose Tamarim?

Send Mishloach Manot in Israel – Why Choose Tamarim?

Need to send mishloach manot in Israel? If you like many others are looking to send mishloach manot in Israel, try Tamarim. Mishloach manot is a popular food gift during Purim that people in Israel love receiving. Wherever you are around the world, you can send mishloach manot in Israel. Here’s why you should choose Tamarim when you send mishloach manot in Israel:

1.    Delivery in Israel

Tamarim delivers Purim baskets everywhere in Israel! No restrictions – we will find a way. Our experienced concierge staff know how to get gifts to the trickiest of locations in time to celebrate Purim with a mishloach manot. Our Purim baskets arrive fresh and in time to celebrate no matter where in Israel. Relax and let the delivery of your mishloach manot in Israel be our responsibility. With years of experience delivering a variety of gifts around Israel, our seasoned staff know how to deliver mishloach manot.

2.    Custom Mishloach Manot

Sending mishloach manot to someone in Israel that has allergies or food restrictions? Choose Tamarim to make your customized basket, with each ingredient handpicked to meet even the strictest of dietary needs, including gluten-free, nut-free and more. Write to our staff to create a custom mishloach manot. Many people sending gifts in Israel to those with food restrictions need to be able to trust that the items are allergen-free. Our years of experience in providing custom kosher gift baskets have come in handy as we’ve prepared attractive and allergen-free mishloach manot.

3.    100% Quality Guarantee

As with all of the products at Tamarim Concierge, we offer a 100% quality guarantee. All of our mishloach manot are handpicked from the freshest ingredients and assembled at the last moment to bring your loved ones the softest gummy chews and crispiest crisps. Our baskets are stored at room temperature to ensure chocolates and heat-sensitive items keep their delicious taste and texture for delivery to your friends or loved ones in Israel.

4.    English Customer Service in US, Israel, UK & Beyond

If you’re ordering gifts in Israel, using an Israel-based company makes sense. But when customer service is in Hebrew and you only speak English it can be a problem – not with Tamarim. Tamarim Concierge is owned and operated by native English speakers and many concierge are immigrants who have been Israel for 15+ years. While many complain about customer service in Israel, Tamarim Concierge’s fans are raving about the top-notch service and recommend them as the best Israel concierge.

5.    Selection of Local Favorites & International Bestsellers

If your friend or loved one is in Israel, treat them to a mix of local favorites and Israeli quirky snacks, combined with international brands that are sure to be a treat. We specialize in delivering Purim baskets to those in Israel who come from the US, UK and English speaking countries and know how to tailor to those tastes. When it comes to choosing the best for teens and young adults, we carefully pick items that are both popular in Israel and the US among that age demographic.

Check out our latest selection of mishloach manot in Israel. Happy Purim!