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Aliya & Relocation

The details and tasks involved in making Aliyah and relocating to Israel can be overwhelming. Allow Tamarim to remove some of the stress by assisting you before you arrive. 

  • We help our clients with finding a home, researching prices and best package deals for furniture and appliances.
  • We purchase and arrange delivery, installation and assembly of furniture and appliances.
  • We communicate with the utility providers and transfer them into your name, arrange internet, phone and cable TV to be installed all in time for your arrival.

Baby Packs

Tamarim have a range of essential baby equipment and children’s car seats for hire. We can also purchase diapers, wipes, baby food etc according to your specific needs. We deliver to your accommodation when you arrive or waiting for you with your hire car at airport arrivals.


Tamarim create unique gifts based on your specific direction, accommodating all kashrut requirements, as well as any additional special dietary needs (gluten free, nut free, dairy free and/or organic). 

Itinerary Planning & Vacation Assistance

Whether you’re visiting Israel on vacation, during Yeshiva Week, over the Passover or Sukkot holidays, or visiting children in Israel, Tamarim Concierge offers the most comprehensive Israel itinerary planning services available. We’re your one-stop shop for booking every aspect of your trip including:

Airport pickup: VIP, Smile Service at baggage claim, or curbside taxi, hotels, restaurants, rental cars, tour guides, day trips, activities without guides, Baby equipment rental and pre-ordered baby care packs, Food deliveries such as pantry stocking and catered meals, child care options and special requests.

Our years of Israel itinerary planning experience and travel industry connections allow us to assist you before and throughout your stay. We use your personal preferences and requirements as a guide to coordinate the most memorable trip to Israel for you and your family.

Property management

Clients who rent their properties, long or short term, can be confident that their assets are well looked after. We assist with bill payment, oversee design & manage renovations, household maintenance & repairs, moving assistance, installation of utilities and cleaning services.
Tamarim oversee the advertisement and correspondence with interested renters, vetting potential tenants, key handover and inventory checks.

israel gap year
dorms packs

An invaluable resource for Israel GAP year students, our Student Dorm Pack online store lets you shop for all your dorm necessities in one place.
We’ll deliver your order directly to your dorm room in time for your arrival. Forget the endless pre-trip shopping, last minute cram packing, and overweight luggage fees. Our service takes the stress out of making sure you have everything you need for your time in Israel.

We are your hands in ISRAEL

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