Tamarim Concierge: 5 Things to Remember When Making Aliyah

Our memories are still vivid, even though it’s been nearly a decade since making Aliyah. We remember the days, months and years before.

The conversations and debates–should we go now? When the children are a bit older? When is the right time to take that leap of faith?

There was a time when people made Aliyah without Nefesh B’Nefesh; and when that organization was founded, we actually thought it was made just for us.

How we longed to be here, with the ever present feeling of missing something so integral to our lives.

Watching videos of the planes landing, flags waving, soldiers smiling. Watching as people disembarked at Ben Gurion with nothing but joy in their eyes.

Remembering the day, the hour, the moment the decision was made.

We were finally Coming Home.

And the countdown began. All the arrangements. Schools,  jobs, homes.

The selling. The buying.

What a huge undertaking.

Which possessions do we leave behind? Which do bring with us? What do we purchase here (in chu”l) and what do we purchase there (in Israel)?

These days, there are many more options than there used to be.

Back in the day, the advice was ‘put everything you can on that lift’.

Many things were just not available here in Israel or were of poor quality or  expensive.

Israel has come a long way.

Nowadays, you can get anything here.

From electrical appliances large and small to furniture to household items to food and yes, even ziplock bags.

For some of these items you’ll pay a premium, but most items come in a range of prices and quality.


Tamarim Concierge is not here to tell you whether or not to fill your lift with as many items from the Old Country that you can.

But we can tell you to consider the following before making Aliyah:

  • Try to look at all your possessions with a critical eye. By all means bring items of sentimental value and that will give you comfort as you start your new life. Try to weed out the things you just don’t need.
  • Think about having a garage sale before you pack your lift. You can easily motivate your kids to be involved in this project by offering a percentage of the profits from sales they make.
  • American appliances are often wider and taller than their Israeli counterparts; make sure to measure the space they will be installed in before purchasing.
  • Size matters when it comes to furniture as well. While Israeli homes have gotten larger over the past decade, they still are not as spacious as American homes, and your current furniture may not be to scale.
  • The most important things you will bring to Israel cannot be packed onto a lift. A positive attitude, a sense of humor and patience will go a long way in helping you accomplish all that is necessary those first few days and weeks in Israel.

Whether you decide to purchase one item or to furnish your entire home with products bought in Israel, Tamarim Concierge can help.

We know the Israeli market.  We have experience in purchasing appliances and furniture, and can advise our clients as to the different brands that provide top quality at a wide range of price points. We understand what new Olim are looking for in terms of size and function, and we can negotiate competitive pricing.

Tamarim is also available for deliveries, to make sure your appliances are properly installed and that your furniture arrives in perfect condition.

And don’t forget, Tamarim Concierge offers a variety of services as you get ready for your big Aliyah Day. From utility installation,  pantry and refrigerator stocking  (which we help you purchase) and professional cleaning of your home, we ensure that your home is completely set up for you on the day you arrive. We’ll even have the beds made, if that is what you require.

We remember our first days in Israel. They weren’t easy, but the memories are fond ones.

Tamarim helps your first days here be as stress-free as they can possibly be.

Because, Of Course. We Do That!

Mazal Tov to all our clients making Aliyah this summer.

Welcome Home.

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