Ten Reasons Why We Adore Israel Living

It’s been just about a decade since the ‘Tamarim’ have moved on up to Israel.

By now we know the rhythm of how Yom Ha’atzmaut–Israel Independence Day–works.

Israel living doesn’t get old.

yom hazikaron

First, Yom HaZikaron–Memorial Day, in which we remember and honor all those who have sacrificed so that we can live in a free, democratic Jewish state.

Then, the fireworks, the barbecues, the hikes, the concerts, the Tanach Chidon (Bible Bee), the National Celebration.



Schlocker Aliyah (2)

Day-to-day, we live our lives here much like we lived it back in the Old Country.

But on Yom Ha’atzmaut, we take a moment and remember why it’s different being here.

And why we’re so happy we decided to move our families halfway across the world.


And we want to share our Israel living with you.
So without further ado:

  1. The Calendar. Jewish holidays are national holidays here. No need to use vacation days or to have to explain to your boss why you need another day off. And supermarkets adjust according to our calendar, too. Honey’s on sale for Rosh Hashana, candles for Chanuka and cleaning products for Pesach. And the Coke bottles say Chag Sameach.cola
  2. One Day Chagim–the way they were meant to be. We thought it would be strange to celebrate only one Seder, but it actually makes that Seder so much more intense and focused. And then we have more time for Chol Hamoed tiyulim. Which brings us to number….Ein Gedi
  3. Our Beautiful Land that packs in every kind of beautiful scenic view into a tiny area–from mountains and streams to desert and Dead Sea. Exploring this land has been a huge source of joy for us. And don’t even start us on our Beaches.dead sea
  4. The Food. Falafel and sabich, shwarma and shakshuka, chumus and cous-cous. All incredible. But it’s not only Israeli cuisine that rocks. Israel has become a Foodie Country, with world class chefs and restaurants. (Come visit and Tamarim Concierge will recommend a few).


  5. Israeli Breakfasts. These are legendary. Stay at any Israeli hotel and feasts on salads, and breads, quiches and pancakes and cheeses and coffee that make you think you have gone to Breakfast Heaven.width="300"
  6. The People. Yes Israelis can be brash and blunt. But no doubt about it, Israelis know how to get things done. (And Tamarim Concierge has become quite Israeli in that respect).people
  7. These People Are Smart. They are the ones who invented Waze and Mobileye, the Iron Dome, Drip Irrigation, the USB Flashdrive, and the very useful Pillcam.waze
  8. Tel-Aviv. Our premier coastal city where you can close a business deal and Hang Ten within the same hour.surfing
  9. Jerusalem. The birthplace of our history, where you can walk the cobbled walkways  and feel your ancestors in all those ancient stones.jerusalem sunrise
  10. Our kids are Israelis. They have come into their own here and know what it is to live a Jewish life in the Jewish state, to serve their nation and their people and to live life in the front row of history.israeli kids

Tamarim Concierge is proud to call Israel our home.

Wishing all our clients and indeed all of Am Yisrael a Chag Atzma’ut Sameach–Happy Independence Day.