Yeshiva Week: Itineraries and Quizzes

Here’s a quiz from Tamarim Concierge.

It has to do with all the great activities that you can plan for your visit to Israel during Yeshiva Week.

Maybe you’re coming to visit your Gap-Year student.

Or maybe you’re coming just because the kids are on vacation and it’s a great opportunity to expose them to Israel and their heritage.

Perhaps your Gap-Year students can help with the answers.

If not—no worries. We’ll provide the answers down below. (Of course! We do that.)

Ready? Here goes…

  1. Near what city of Israel can you spend a morning sandboarding? (And yes, by that we mean surfing on the sand, not the water.)
  2. Which holiest site of the Jewish people now has a stunning virtual tour, where you can actually experience being a Jew in ancient times?
  3. Where can you participate in a workshop learning how to bake specialty breads? Or one where you just eat the bread with a sumptuous spread?
  4. Where can you have the ultimate shooting adventure where you will get a taste of Israeli methods of shooting and combat and the values that guide the Israel Defense Forces?

sand boarding

At Tamarim Concierge, we stay up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of things to do in Israel.

We customize itineraries to fit our clients’ tastes and needs.

Traveling with kids, teens and those Gap Year students? Tamarim Concierge knows where all the latest Escape Rooms are, where you can take an ATV tour or even see the sights via Segway.

History or Tanach buffs? We can send you on an archeological dig and to some off-the-beaten-track sights and museums.

Somebody say ‘wine’? Tamarim Concierge can help you book a tour at one of Israel’s many wineries located all over the country. Some of these tours can be combined with a fabulous meal accompanied, naturally, by an elegant glass of wine.Ein Gedi

Booking these places can be as easy as a click away—or could involve navigating websites in Hebrew that can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Tamarim Concierge is happy to guide you.

Tamarim Concierge is proud to have helped dozens of families plan their itinerary for the upcoming Yeshiva Week vacation in Israel.

As always, our clients decide how much help they want. We can plan anything from one or two bookings to your entire vacation, including hotels, restaurants and special activities and tours.

Jerusalem at Night

Tamarim Concierge can also assist with car rentals, drivers and tour guides.

Have a baby in tow? Tamarim Concierge rents infant, toddler or booster car seats that can be delivered to your car rental company or to your hotel/apartment before you arrive. If you need a highchair, booster seat, stroller, baby bath or pack ‘n’ play/travel cot, we do that too.

Tamarim Concierge looks forward to seeing you here in Israel soon and to making your trip truly memorable.

And no, we didn’t forget. Here are the answers to our quiz:

  1. Beersheva
  2. The New Kotel Tunnel Tours
  3. Pat BaMelach
  4. Caliber 3