Bar Mitzvah Planning in Israel

"Thanks to Tamarim, our son’s bar mitzvah in Jerusalem was an amazing success.  We were nervous about planning a bar mitzvah in Israel from New York, but Tamarim took care of everything.  They were a pleasure to work with.  They listened to what we wanted, negotiated to get us great prices and took care of every detail, including the hotel, the menu, flowers, and entertainment.  They were organized, passionate and eager to assist with all of our needs.  Thanks to Tamarim, we were able to thoroughly enjoy our simcha."

Amy, Scarsdale NY

Property Management

Tamarim has been my helping hands in Israel for the last four years in which time they have managed my buy-to-let property. This included completion by the builders as an offplan development, finding and arranging long term tenants and refurbishment for short term rents. They has acted as my enthusiastic agent and trusted adviser. I found them to be thorough, professional and prepared to deal in a no-nonsense manner to get the job done. I have complete confidence in recommending Tamarim to any project that involves organizing and Israelis!!!

Oliver, London England

Home Renovation and Moving Logistics

We are so grateful to Tamarim for helping us move in Israel while we were in the States for the summer. Starting with our initial meeting when we explained what our needs were and culminating in our house being renovated and our furniture delivered, Tamarim was efficient, detail oriented, accessible and most importantly supportive and happy when things seemed overwhelming. We could not have gotten through this ordeal without them!!!
Jenny & Joel, Modiin

Jenny & Joel, Modiin

Happy Birthday From Far Away

Hi Tammy and Tamar,
I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing the ice cream party to my son in Israel. He was really surprised and happy. It made his birthday special, even with family far away. I knew I could count on you. 


Making Me Feel That I Was Not So Far Away!

"We were introduced to Tamarim Concierge prior to our daughter spending her gap year studying in a Jerusalem Seminary.  It seemed like a quick and easy option to purchase some of the household items she would need, including a set of drawers, hangers and even an Israeli blow dryer, and have it delivered to our daughters school prior to her arrival...   This was an invaluable service, giving us a sense of calm as we would be packing her up for an entire year and space in her suitcases was limited. As the year progressed, again I called upon Tamarim Concierge to provide a “pick me up” gift when our daughter was missing home, to send Chanukah and Purim gifts to our daughter and niece and nephews, and finally to arrange a beautiful thank you gift to close friends who opened their home to our daughter and gave her a place to call home all year long.  In a nutshell, they are professional, kind, helpful, creative and efficient.  You can't go wrong using Tamarim Concierge.  Thank you ladies, for all your help in making me feel that i was not so far away!  I plan to use your services for many years to come."

Batya, Teaneck, NJ

Home Set Up

Thank you to Tamarim Concierge Services for assisting us in setting up our new home in Modiin. We highly recommend this service to new Olim. Tamarim Concierge Services was and continues to be warm, courteous, caring and professional.

David & Shoshana, Teaneck, NJ to Modiin

Creating Memories

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Israel with my whole family - a trip made much smoother through the help of Tammy and Tamar at tamarimconcierge. Both of these young ladies are knowledgeable, helpful, very timely in their responses, and a pleasure to work with.
They arranged a family dinner for the first night we were there that covered everything including the menu. I didn't have to lift a finger. As well, they created hostess gifts for all my family that came out absolutely beautiful and delighted the adults and children as well. This included having the logo for our trip embroidered on Emanuel towels. They turned out perfect!  And they set me up with a wonderful photographer who came to the park near our hotel to take family photos. She too was delightful to work with.
I cannot say enough about tamarimconcierge. They truly took care of everything we needed including sending a Chanukah basket to my grandson in Yeshiva in Israel. I am planning to have them send a Purim package as well!

Caroline B

Relocating for a Year

Moving to Israel from NY could have been a daunting experience. We had no friends or family in Israel to help us with our transition, nor did we speak a word of Hebrew. Finding Tammy, Tamar, and their team of experts made our move so much easier. They identified the things we would need to do before arriving in order to have us up and running upon landing. They transferred all the utilities from the prior tenant’s name into our name, dealt with all the utility providers to set up our cable, wifi, and water, and dealt with the local municipality issues. They registered our son for public school, shopped for a few necessities in the apartment and even stocked our kitchen with some groceries!

Most importantly, these ladies were all a pleasure to deal with. They were always friendly and quickly responded to all inquiries we had and worked efficiently to get the work done. I highly recommend Tamarim Concierge for a soft landing!

Allison & Alex, Harrison, NY to Raanana

Itinerary Assistance

I can not thank you enough for the care to details you provided me. I am an old veteran to going/coming to Jerusalem, having traveled there every year for over 30 years. I also have 2 sisters who live there for decades. Despite all that, I can honestly say you provided perfect concierge service--kept me focused, made sure that my current traveling partners were "set for the day", and that my grandson will also be happy with unique experiences even if he traveling with his grandmother. You deserve success; you earned it.

Sarah, Livingston New Jersey

Aliyah Assistance

We are Olim Chadashim from the US. We were lucky enough to have arranged an apartment lease and schools for the kids before we arrived. Still there were many smaller tasks that needed to be accomplished here in Israel. Simple things that seem easy in the States can seem daunting in a new country where you don't yet speak the language fluently. Its important to not get overwhelmed especially as a new oleh. Tammy and Tamar were invaluable in advising us and setting up internet mobile and home phones, and transferring utility bills to our names. Later when school started and we had a problem with bus, they were there for us and coordinated with the bus company to make sure our 6 year old got picked up on time and delivered to school safely. Without Tammy and Tamar our aliyah would have been much more stressful. We feel so much more comfortable here knowing that we have them as a resource we can rely on. Thanks Tammy & Tamar!

Barry, Tel Aviv

We Felt Like Guests at Our Own Event

Tammy and Tamar recently helped us plan and host a party to celebrate our son's Bar Mitzvah. The party took place on a Jewish holiday, which made the planning and execution quite complex, but it turned out beautifully. They took care of everything, from start to finish, and we really felt like guests at our own event. I recommend them wholeheartedly and plan to work with them again.

Miriam, Modiin Israel

Ease Our Transition to Life in Israel

Aaron and I appreciated so much your help and assistance during our move to Modiin. Tamarim Concierge Service provided the link we needed to ease our transition to life in Israel. You were helpful above and beyond in answering all our questions and providing professional advice and assistance with regards to the purchase of our appliances and furniture in Israel. Your concierge service allowed us to feel at ease and know that you are looking out for our interests! Thank you.

Rachel and Aaron, Ohio to Israel

Last Minute Deliveries

“I’ve used Tamarim Concierge on a couple of occasions over the past academic year: to send a care package to a lone soldier and when my daughter, who was in seminary, needed a last-minute delivery of supplies in order to be able to participate in a much-anticipated tiyul with her friends.  In both cases Tammy and Tamar worked with me to do exactly what needed to be done within my budget and tight time-frame.”

Neal G, Long Island, NY

They Took a Load Off of Our Shoulders

Thank goodness for Tamarim! Moving to Israel was hard enough but trying to get through red tape about various issues in our rental over the phone was too much for us. They were professional and responsive to our needs. Having them deal with the utilities and making appointments for us took a load off of our shoulders. We highly recommend their services.

Beverly and Marty, Florida to Israel

How do People Make Aliyah Without Tamarim?

"Our aliyah would have been incredibly more difficult without Tamarin.   They helped us every step of the way and considerably eased our transition and contributed to our successful Aliyah.

They found us a home exactly where we wanted to live. When appliances needed to be replaced and we were out of town, they were on the case without hesitation and had everything up and running before we returned.

Quite frankly, I don’t know how people can make aliyah without Tamarim."

Ernest & Aviva, Toronto to Modiin

Travel & Itinerary Help

"Adar, Jordan, Yael and I had an even greater experience on our 12-day trip thanks mostly to Tamarim Concierge. Tamarim helped us plan the entire itinerary, and just as importantly, they were at our service throughout the trip when we needed to make small changes or needed help with incidentals. Believe me, when weather or laundry or a change in restaurant preferences occur like they always do on trips like this, you NEED Tamarim! I wouldn’t travel to Israel without their help!"

Jake, New York

Surprise Party in Israel

"I hired Tamarim to plan my wife's surprise birthday party and they exceeded my expectations.  They took care of every detail, from finding a great venue for a party to planning the menu to making sure there was entertainment for guests of all ages.  I cannot say enough about their professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to their clients."

Todd, Caesaria

Obtain Certification of Israeli Public Documents

Tamarim Concierge helped us obtain certification of Israeli public documents (required as part of relocation to Amsterdam). We were grateful to find that they responded quickly to our inquiry and were happily able to assist. We honestly had no idea how we would be able to accomplish this given such short notice and the fact that we currently reside in California! Tammy and Tamar went to Tel Aviv to retrieve the documents, took them to Jerusalem to be authenticated, and promptly shipped them back to us. Thank you for being so easy to communicate with, so efficient, and so helpful! We gladly recommend them to anyone needing concierge services in Israel.  

Thank you again for all your help

Jonathan S. San Francisco, CA

Tamarim Aliyah – Israel Help

Moving anywhere is extremely stressful. Moving and not speaking the language is doubly stressful. Tammy and Tamar were instrumental in making our Aliyah a very smooth transition. They did everything from measuring spaces in our apartment and ordering our appliances ( sadly they did not pay for them) to arranging our water, tax, gas bills, setting up our parking and toll apps as well as making sure we had our phones and internet all hooked up.  They are extremely efficient, pleasant and VERY easy to deal with. I have included their names in many of my emails to friends living in NY and NJ and recommend them very highly.  Whether it is to assist in aliyah matters, looking after a young adult in studying in Israel or even helping with day to day arrangements for anyone not able to navigate the foreign bureaucracies that exist in Israel.  Thank you Tamarim

Allan and Debbie Rosenberg Raanana

Easy Israel Gift Delivery Service

Tamarim Concierge was fabulous! They delivered a wedding gift for me  to a couple who had just made Aliyah, while other wedding guests were still trying to figure out the best way to get something shipped! Hand delivered straight to their apartment, beautifully wrapped, expeditious and zero stress!  Thank you Tamarim!

Lisa, Wesley Hills, NY

Our Move to Israel Was Made Much Easier

Our move to Israel was made so much easier by the women at Tamarim. I was in touch with them before we came and when we arrived my kids' books and school shirts were waiting in our apartment! I have heard stories from friends who had to wait a month before they had any appliances. Mine were delivered and installed within days of our arrival. They walked me through all the difficult utility installations and checked on me throughout my first few weeks. I highly recommend Tamarim Concierge Services if you are making Aliyah or just coming for the year, or even vacation.

Hili, Pennsylvania to Modiin

We Could Not Have Done it Without You.

Thank you Tammy and Tamar.
From the delivery of holiday  gifts and necessities to our son while he was studying in Yeshivat Har Etzion, the amazing tours, trips  and activities that we participated in during our visit, and the delicious meals you arranged, your service and attention to details is amazing.
We could not have done it without you. 
Our son is returning for Shana bet. We look forward to another amazing year for him and our trip...with your assistance.
Thanks for all your help.

Roni & Michael, Woodmere, NY

Apartment Search

Our search for an apartment in Modiin was floundering until a mutual friend suggested that we have Tamarim Concierge do the legwork and research for us. Months later, we could not be more pleased. Tamarim's attention to detail, continuous updates and its familiarity with the different neighborhoods in Modiin guided us to a beautiful apartment in Buchman Darom. Tamarim's efforts and results were well worth its extremely reasonable rates.

Jeff and Bonnie Bodoff, New York to Modiin

Family Travel Help

Tamarim was a huge help to our large family group when we traveled throughout Israel for a bar mitzvah. From helping with lodging, stocking the house with food and Shabbos necessities to arranging transportation and luggage storage, Tamarim took care of the details so we could enjoy our vacation. Easy and fast communication leading up to and during our trip.

Rachael, New Jersey

Tamarim Israel Itinerary Assisance

"Tamarim was instrumental in ensuring that my first trip to Israel was a meaningful and memorable experience.  They handled every aspect of our visit including itinerary development, logistics, hotel reservations and more.  As with most people who visit Israel for the first time, I didn’t know enough about where to visit and I wanted to experience as much as possible within a limited time frame.  Thanks to Tamarim, they educated me, and I was able to get it all in, while never feeling rushed in any way.  I couldn't have done it without them.  I hope to be back to Israel again soon and Tamarim will be my first call when I start planning."


Joann G, Katonah, NY

Tamarim Made it Possible by Taking Care of Everything

"Tamarim’s business model and approach to customer service just make sense. Relocating with 6 children is never easy, and Tamarim made it possible by taking care of everything from appliances to water, gas, electric, telephone and internet and much more in advance of our arrival."

Rachel H., Miami, FL, USA to Beit Shemesh